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Brighter Side of Maybe

5min 01sec  |  Producer & Director

John Gaar "Brighter Side of Maybe"
(Official Music Video)

The project was filmed, edited and directed in Austin, TX by Beaux Jackson & Josh Atchley of the Velvet Cartel along with Royce Richmond of Modern Collective. The video features John Gaar (guitar, vocals) and band members Ron D'Argenio (keys), Jeff Hayes (bass), Brannan Lane (drums), Michael Cross (vocals), Joanna Ramirez (vocals), and Deann Rene (vocals). Also featured are special appearances by Paul Buddha Mills, Jacqui Walker, Miss Lavelle White, Tina Romero, Ben Barger & our fan family. Special thanks to the Saxon Pub, Loris Lowe, Stephanie Ritcheson, Southern Metal Choppers, and the Texas Chili Parlour.

Brighter Side of Maybe
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